Questions, Questions and Questions (Some things I will spend thinking about all my life)

  1. What is the purpose of the existence of the Universe ?
  2. Does the Universe have a beginning and an end ?
  3. Is there only a single Universe or are there multiple Universes ?
  4. The nature of infinity.
  5. What is the purpose of life ?
  6. What is the nature of God ?
  7. The true nature of consciousness.
  8. Is shutting down a compltely (or partially) conscious AI akin to killing a living being ?
  9. Most efficient and noble way to live ones life.
  10. Will we ever know everything that is to know ?
  11. Copenhagen interpretation.
  12. Why is all life afraid of its own end ? Why are we all afraid of dying ?
  13. What happens if we suddenly run out of gasoline (petrol) ?
  14. Early African Civilizations.
  15. On the pattern of rise and collapse of human civilizations
  16. How will humans evolve in the future ?